Precision Wire Forms is an industry leading manufacturer of Wire Forms, Tube Forms, and Assemblies.

Since its conception in 1997, Precision Wire Forms has quickly and firmly established itself as a leader and innovator in the wire and tube forming industry. We are able to meet our customers’ needs through our technological innovations while striving to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our reputation for quality and on-time production has earned Precision Wire Forms respect from the industries we serve.

Through our innovation and creativity, with our patented Versa Form equipment, we have become a leader in the Wire forming and Tube forming industry – with low PPM and quick change-over capability. Our engineering and sales staff work closely with our customers to design performance tooling to produce high-speed and accurate product for specific applications. All our tooling is designed and made in-house by our qualified engineers and toolmakers.

Precision Wire Forms’ main strength is the ability to eliminate secondary operations by performing  them on the primary tooling. We can offer automatic chamfering, heading, broaching, and other applications all in one operation. This eliminates the need for secondary processes, resulting in reduced lead times, streamlined production, and money saved.

As coupled with our CNC forming capabilities, it is difficult to find a more complete manufacturer for your wire and tube forming needs.